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sambata, 08.02.2014, ora 22:32


GIPSY MAFIA .:. hip-hop, Zrenjanin

DIGITAL WARFARE .:. noise-trapped-spit-hop, Mitraya

SEGREGATOR X .:. shitcore-breakcore-demon, Zrenjanin

.:. + local support


IN MEETINGS HEARTS BEAT CLOSER ~a night of dvvm hardcore punk~

 saturday // 18th january // 21:17
atelier d.i.y. // pestalozzi 20
/Hardcore Punk//Srb

"Band was formed on August 10th 2007. Since the begining we have been trying to create and demonstrate our own style(based on hard core/punk with influences of other genres). The lyrics are strongly social/politics thematic and we are just trying to express our opinions through them (antifascism, antisexism, anticapitalism, antihomphobia... And we are trying to spread some positive idea along)." 


So What?!

So What?! started in 2007 in Oradea/Nagyvárad/Großwardein/Varat/Groysvardeyn. Punk ska'n'rock'n'roll. With a good ole dose of that f&*% yer attitude!



A Word With One. All Wounds Wide Open. Angels With Wings Obscured. All Waves Wash Out. Anthems With Words Omitted. A World With One. A Wicked Witch's Opinion. Feral punk. Beat machines. Guitar sludge. Black shrieks.