KRU$H (NL), DARKO (UK), Vera Renczi (CJ), Awwo - Livia Sura (TM) la Tam Tam

Marti 16 sept la Tam Tam (fosta Banatim)

KRU$H (Olanda)
grind / crust / core tornado
Dutch crust-grinders KRU$H are around since the 90's and released their first full-length album in 2010 thru Power-It-Up, followed by a Euro-tour. Till now they released five 7"s and a full length CD/LP and completed several tours. Expect a mix of crust-grind paying tribute to Disrupt and early Disfear, Disgust, Extreme Noise Terror, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. If these bands are high on your list, check out their releases. 
Back in 1996 the first KRU$H songs where formed with the idea to just release one demo tape with a raw crust sound inspired by bands like Disrupt, Disfear and Disgust. After this tape was released on vinyl by German label Beyond Records KRU$H started to play live. Now, more than 15 years later, KRU$H is still around. Through the years the lineup changed but the current lineup was formed around 2000. Today KRU$H are: Day, Row, Mier, Mich and Jay. The name KRU$H, written with a K and dollar S, stands for smashing capitalism and everything that brings harm to humans, animals and planet.  
plus suport
sludge / powerviolence
17 sept
ora 21.32
Darko (UK) Melodic HC Punk. Melodic and heavy, fast and intricate, with elements of the modern hardcore mashed up with the skate punk sound, reminiscent of 90’s era Epi-Fat bands. 

High-octane riff filled hardcore punk rock, that set the stage a for notoriously energetic live show.

- heavy music inspired by punk, crust, folk, heavy sludge blues, black metal.
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FLAMENCO THIEF (UK) in Timisoara la Tam Tam

16 August 2014
Sambata, ora 21.32
la Tam Tam
(fosta Banatim - intrare de pe str. 1 Decembrie)

...flamenco... ...gipsy-jazz... ...rumba... ...ska...

(Bristol, Marea Britanie)
“…he’s making waves with his original and lively sound” – Londonist      
“Amazing music” – Creative Boom 
“National demand will soon lure Craig away from our humble local venues.” – The Bath Chronicle
Craig Sutton, better known as The Flamenco Thief, delivers a unique blend of gypsy-jazz, rumba and ska fused together with intricate Flamenco guitar techniques.
During live performances the English solo-guitarist uses the body of his guitar as a percussive instrument, and with a loop station layers metronomic hip-hop beats to get audiences dancing.
With the goal of performing 250 concerts in just ten months, The Flamenco Thief, aka Craig Sutton, is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most recognizable artists within the underground DIY music scene.
By the end of 2014 the English guitarist will have travelled to 40 countries, playing festivals including Germany’s Fusion Festival, England’s Farmfest and Morocco’s TanJazz Festival, as well as countless venues; from the Baltic down to the Balkans.
While Craig uses traditional flamenco guitar techniques, he is best known for working with a loop station to blend blend gypsy swing with rumba, ska and hip-hop during his energetic live performances.
Last year he was championed by the BBC and NME in England and he has gone on to perform on radio stations in England, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Lithuania as well as to a live audience on Bulgarian national television.
A truly unique musician, Craig’s success is even more admirable considering he is an unsigned artist.

Craig Sutton, better known as The Flamenco Thief, is an English guitarist whose phenomenal rise within the DIY music scene has seen him become one of the busiest touring artists in the country.
Specializing in fast rhythmic guitar playing Craig has earned a reputation for mesmerising live performances in which he uses a Spanish acoustic guitar with the Boss RC loop pedal to blend modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques.
A particularly resourceful musician, Craig also utilizes the guitar as a percussive instrument, layering metronomic hip-hop beats by carefully beating the body; creating a unique energy that few solo instrumentalists manage to achieve.
Craig’s early influences of ska, hip-hop and gypsy swing are evident throughout his music, helping him craft a catalogue of songs that are intelligent but accessible.
Craig’s compositions revere Flamenco’s heritage while embracing music technology, and as a result each song is delicately poised between the classical and contemporary.
His eponymous debut six-track EP was released in the UK in 2011 and quickly gained recognition from the likes of the BBC and NME, both of which have gone on to endorse the artist.
The album, Liberating Parts of the Cosmos, was released in 2013 and supported by a three month European tour, spanning 17 countries.
In 2014 The Flamenco Thief is back on the road strengthening his status as one of the hardest working musicians in the business with the goal of performing 250 concerts across 40 countries in just ten months.


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GIPSY MAFIA .:. hip-hop, Zrenjanin

DIGITAL WARFARE .:. noise-trapped-spit-hop, Mitraya

SEGREGATOR X .:. shitcore-breakcore-demon, Zrenjanin

.:. + local support


IN MEETINGS HEARTS BEAT CLOSER ~a night of dvvm hardcore punk~

 saturday // 18th january // 21:17
atelier d.i.y. // pestalozzi 20
/Hardcore Punk//Srb

"Band was formed on August 10th 2007. Since the begining we have been trying to create and demonstrate our own style(based on hard core/punk with influences of other genres). The lyrics are strongly social/politics thematic and we are just trying to express our opinions through them (antifascism, antisexism, anticapitalism, antihomphobia... And we are trying to spread some positive idea along)." 


So What?!

So What?! started in 2007 in Oradea/Nagyvárad/Großwardein/Varat/Groysvardeyn. Punk ska'n'rock'n'roll. With a good ole dose of that f&*% yer attitude!



A Word With One. All Wounds Wide Open. Angels With Wings Obscured. All Waves Wash Out. Anthems With Words Omitted. A World With One. A Wicked Witch's Opinion. Feral punk. Beat machines. Guitar sludge. Black shrieks.