KRU$H (NL), DARKO (UK), Vera Renczi (CJ), Awwo - Livia Sura (TM) la Tam Tam

Marti 16 sept la Tam Tam (fosta Banatim)

KRU$H (Olanda)
grind / crust / core tornado
Dutch crust-grinders KRU$H are around since the 90's and released their first full-length album in 2010 thru Power-It-Up, followed by a Euro-tour. Till now they released five 7"s and a full length CD/LP and completed several tours. Expect a mix of crust-grind paying tribute to Disrupt and early Disfear, Disgust, Extreme Noise Terror, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. If these bands are high on your list, check out their releases. 
Back in 1996 the first KRU$H songs where formed with the idea to just release one demo tape with a raw crust sound inspired by bands like Disrupt, Disfear and Disgust. After this tape was released on vinyl by German label Beyond Records KRU$H started to play live. Now, more than 15 years later, KRU$H is still around. Through the years the lineup changed but the current lineup was formed around 2000. Today KRU$H are: Day, Row, Mier, Mich and Jay. The name KRU$H, written with a K and dollar S, stands for smashing capitalism and everything that brings harm to humans, animals and planet.  
plus suport
sludge / powerviolence
17 sept
ora 21.32
Darko (UK) Melodic HC Punk. Melodic and heavy, fast and intricate, with elements of the modern hardcore mashed up with the skate punk sound, reminiscent of 90’s era Epi-Fat bands. 

High-octane riff filled hardcore punk rock, that set the stage a for notoriously energetic live show.

- heavy music inspired by punk, crust, folk, heavy sludge blues, black metal.
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