luv the noize

Sunday // 1 December 2013 // 20:30
Atelier DIY // Pestalozzi 20

Les Spritz: diy noise punk two pieces from the Mediterranean sea in Messina, Sicily, Italy. Our band was formed in 2006, play loud, fast, discordant music with a cheap crappy drumkit and a guitar with selfmade distortion effects. The music is hard to describe, we have a lot of different influences from no-wave to noise and punk. Since 2006 we have played more than 100 gigs in squat, garage, friend’s garden in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and UK sharing the stage with a lot of cool band like Don vito, Le Singe Blanc, Ovo, Klaus legal, Headwar,Peter J Taylor (Action Beat), Mr Marcaille and we recorded two LP 12” and a 7”split with our friends Le Singe Blanc from September 2013 out a new split with Stig noise Soundsystem from Liverpool!!!



JocDeGlezne: postfastcore-bassmaniax-lo)))vetothebone. cheap tricks and lovely riffs that will break your spirit. (TM)

Night of the Living Surf

Saturday // 7 Decembrie 2013
Atelier DIY // Pestalozzi 20

Threesome are an explosive Power Surf trio from Belgrade, Serbia. Primarily instrumental, the band represents a common denominator of the surf rock style of the early 1960s and new wave, punk and math rock. 

Grave for Sale "probably the first surf-rock band in Romania" ... but then again they rock and swing and psyche you out! 

DVVMNIGHT IV ~~ We Pass Like Night From Land to Land ~~

Dvvmnight is a celebration of sovnd and hvmanity, creativity, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood ... no hate, no boredom, no borders... 

Performances by: 

Tidal Yield (stoner//doom//sludge, Srb)
Tidal Yield is a bearded duo which unloads ooze onto the stage out of sheer fun! Pounding drums and massive riffs.

TAUUSK (dRone//doom//ambient, Ro)
Evil synths, heavily distorted guitar riffs, repetitive bass lines, surreal soundscapes. Sounds and noises.

AWWO+Lebdi (Ro/Srb)
a special collaboration beteen Lebdi and AWWO.

Lebdi (floating//ambient//experimental)
is a She 
lebdi = is floating, hovering
hovering (levitation) is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force 
against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact; 
floating (psychological phenomenon) means slipping into altered states. 

AWWO (sludge//blackmetal//dvvm)
AWWO is re*flec*tion. Guitar driven contemplation. Soul machines. The anima conspiracy. Feral trust.