Live at the rehearsals: Noodweer & Livia Sura

O seara intre prieteni cu Noodweer - punk/d-beat din Olanda, si Livia Sura - blackened crust. Short, sweet and nasty

started with tim on drums, terry on guitar, barry on bass and eva k on vocals. Because tim sucked at drums, we asked eva c to join us. Tim joined eva k on vocals, which he didn't suck at. We make a mix of punk and d-beat with clean/raw vocals. Noodweer mostly plays in winter, because of Barry searches the sea for hot mermaids all summer as a sailor. Where Terry's at all summer, no one knows.

Livia Sura 
are a 3 piece band from Timisoara, Romania, who play heavy music inspired by punk, crust, folk, heavy sludge blues, black metal, etc. The majority of the lyrics are in Romanian and their subjects deal with conflicting ideas: critique of aspects of society, escapism, history and the organization of “life” on one side, and unreasonable hope and trust in values associated with humanity on the other.

...incercam noul efect de bass a lu' Punku pe 10piese vechi ...nimic extraordinar. 
punk! hc! punk!