DVVMNIGHT IV ~~ We Pass Like Night From Land to Land ~~

Dvvmnight is a celebration of sovnd and hvmanity, creativity, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood ... no hate, no boredom, no borders... 

Performances by: 

Tidal Yield (stoner//doom//sludge, Srb)
Tidal Yield is a bearded duo which unloads ooze onto the stage out of sheer fun! Pounding drums and massive riffs. 


TAUUSK (dRone//doom//ambient, Ro)
Evil synths, heavily distorted guitar riffs, repetitive bass lines, surreal soundscapes. Sounds and noises. 

AWWO+Lebdi (Ro/Srb)
a special collaboration beteen Lebdi and AWWO.

Lebdi (floating//ambient//experimental)
is a She 
lebdi = is floating, hovering
hovering (levitation) is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force 
against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact; 
floating (psychological phenomenon) means slipping into altered states.


AWWO (sludge//blackmetal//dvvm)
AWWO is re*flec*tion. Guitar driven contemplation. Soul machines. The anima conspiracy. Feral trust.