sambata/saturday - 2 nov 2013 - ora 21:00
atelier d.i.y., pestalozzi 20

RFT is an Italian Hardcore band based in Milan.
It was born as Rifiuti in 1999 in the basement of a Milanese squat named "Deposito Bulk". The initial project was to give life to a band strongly influenced by the Italian Punk-Hardcore old school. After almost 15 years and countless line-up changes the actual formation is:
Luchino (vocals), Marco (drums), Dani (bass), Luca and Taglia (guitars). Our first live show was in 2000; since then we played more than 200 gigs. We had the pleasure to share the stage with many Italian and international bands such as Murphy’s Law, Ratos de Porao, Angelic Upstarts, GBH, Zero Boys, Kuraia and others. Our style evolved in time from the frenetic and raw Hardcore-Punk of the beginnings to a more complex sound with Metalcore and NYHC influences. Heavy distortions and powerful guitar riffs give support to strong and furious Italian lyrics speaking about our everyday life and mixing social critique with existential issues.

Italian Pun band based in Milan. Listen Here!

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