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Krlja vs Seppuku vs Awwo 28.06 la AtelierDIY

...cea de-a 28-a zi din luna a VI-a a anului al 2013-lea...
...orele ce urmeaza dupa orele 21...

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death metal crust punk grind 
Krlja was founded in April, 2009. With influences from its band members styles and many bands worldwide we have created our own variety of death/grind/crust metal. We have released 1st album called "Grind World Order" and you can order it right now!!! Grind 'till your fucking head fall off!
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Krlja -Psalms Of The Eater God

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Krlja - Grind New Order:

punk crust grind hardcore 
Fast, angry, loud crust/grind/punk music with social, political and anti-religious lyrics.
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black metal dvvm
*Un proiect nou ce include fosti, actuali si viitori membrii LiviaSura*

Wardhill + Joc de glezne = Hardcore Stoner Night!

Miercuri, 19 iunie 2013,
ora 21, atelier d.i.y.

WARDHILL \\ hc stoner\sludge \\ Geneve, ch

Since 2004, WardHill has constantly been developing its music towards a more and more radical and raw style. After a 1st rock'n roll demo "Motherfuckers" the trio record finally its first vinyl, 100 % DIY! The style becomes more radical and the band draws their influences to groups such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Kylesa, Victims for the modern side.
Brought out in a 10" vinyl version in November 2010 on the label GPS Prod, it was followed by an European tour along with our beloved friends Elizabeth!

2012, the band as the chance to share the stage with big acts such as Red Fang, Baroness, Eyehategod and during the summer they tour eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia) for the first time!
At the end of the year the band enter the studio to record their next record.
June 2013 the new record "A Pledge To Lava" sees the light!! 6 new tracks of stoner-sludge in a beautiful colored vinyl, out with the collaboration of Urgence Disk Records, Hannibal's Records and GPS Prod.
This was followed by tour accros new countries such as Austria and Romania.

Download vinyl for free @ http://wardhill.bandcamp.com/

JOC DE GLEZNE \\ post-fastcore bassmaniax from P32 crew \\ Temeswar, ro

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