Violentor & I.A.D. la Atelier d.i.y. [30.04.2013]

For the Dirty Speed Metal Tour, the Italian thrash-punkers Violentor are back in the area for a mini tour, accompanied by the Romanian black/death metal band I.A.D. (Inbreed, Aborted Divinity). After starting in Szeged, Hungary, on April 24th, the tour is only covering Romanian locations for the moment, in Sibiu, Slatina, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca on the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of April, with the Romanian Thrash Metal Club as their main partner.

Founded in 2009 in the Tuscany town of Lucca, close to Florence (where they are located now), Violentor aren't like anything you could ever imagine, considering their picturesque and sumptuous surroundings. With two albums already released and one on the way, disciples of a sincere, direct and painful way, the former trio - now a quartet - Violentor is a well balanced mixture of elements from the three major genre that are the actual foundation of any extreme or traditional metal: heavy metal, thrash metal and punk. Of course, their Thrash is a little blackened, their punk is a little crust, and their heavy metal is very subtle. In conclusion, Violentor can be better described as Aura Noir only more punk or as Impaled Nazarene only more heavy metal oriented.

The band's guest for this tour are I.A.D. (Imbreed Aborted Divinity), another band that had to relocate, this time to Romania. Founded in Germany in 1999 by drummer Erlend Kappl, I.A.D. have already released a demo and two EPs and are working on their full length album that is going to be released in Romania. The band is no longer a surprise for the Romanian audience, due to their shows in the last year, including their appearance as an opening act for Absu, in Bucharest. I.A.D. are a honest black/death metal band, evolved from that amorphous manifestation of bands like Beherit or even Mayhem in their mid ages, 'till now, when they're more together and balanced. Without a doubt the trio from Petrosani is a good choice to complete the genre spectrum for the Dirty Speed Metal Tour.