UHL+Karcavul+Forest+Coins @ Atelier d.i.y. 16.05.2013

joi 16 mai 2013 // ora 21:00


live noise performance cu:

- raw anarcho-black metal duo din Dijon, Franta
"... According to the man behind Printemps Noir, UHL are a duo from France playing raw anarcho-black metal. They also released a split w/ Devilish Cheat on 213 records, a label that belongs to Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat, ex-Shall Not Kill)..." (r-a-b-m)
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- necro doom extreme din Lyon, Franta
"Karcavul are an extreme doom band coming from Lyon, France. This three piece goal is basically to cause as must disgust as possible throughout their murky and rotten doom. So rotten that they classify their own music as “Necro Doom Extreme” and i totally agree with that. Containing 4 slabs of some of the most necro doom, “Rawctaver” successfully impersonates his goal to the listener, leaving him uncomfortable and sick as possible.
The opening track “Varices”, that means something related to varicose veins, opens with one of the most obnoxious sounds to me… the irritating buzzing sound of flies as they fly around… i don’t want to even imagine it, i just had lunch. Karcavul is heavy. This whole orchestra of decay works very well as a whole even when they unexpectedly change the tempos from that dragged, filthy sludge doom to a storm of death metal filled with some blast beats as well. Another piece of horror pulled apart from Karcavul’s worst nightmare is “Sacamerde”, a brutal and heavy as fuck track, where the band keeps on alternating from slow to fast in a blink of an eye. Although the main influence of Karcavul is clearly sludge doom, there are also some death metal parts like in “Culacl Rnael”, where the bands immediately speeds up at a death metalish pace, layered with very deep growls causing the ground to shake below our feet. It closes with “Sépir”, a track that maintains under a steady reign, the alignment of horror that we had so far. Drinking influences from some of the most brutal genres in heavy music, Karcavul successfully managed to expose their (twisted) vision of the World. If i could resume this release in one word it would probably be: Devastating." 
(Karcavul - Rawctaver review in Cvltnation)

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- hardcore/mathcore din Brasov
I Stared Into the Forest is a hardcore band from Brasov, Romania. Their sound is a mix of different hardcore styles, with emphasis on “real screamo” and metallic “math” hardcore and even hints of death metal.
 On 12th December 2012, ISITF released their second EP “Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue” in the digital format. It will be available on vinyl through both Fading Halo Records and Ulterior Tapes in spring 2013. (fadinghalorecords)
Their record is one of those that keep getting interesting every listening, it blasts a raw blend of different styles of hardcore, metal and trashy riffs, along uptempo melodies and grindcore breakdowns. Fifteen minutes of experimental and frantic songwriting with perfect fitting screaming voice.” (wefuckinglastlonger
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- experimental grindcore din Brasov
Coins as Portraits is a grindcore band from Brasov, Romania. They have been developing their sound since late 2006, with their first proper recording “Form and Structure, Storm and Fracture” released in 2011 by Fading Halo Records and Asiluum.

Coins as Portraits take a progressive approach to songwriting, pushing past genre boundaries. Their experimenting with grindcore involves unusual time signatures, dissonance and unconventional song structures. A form of extreme music that bears little resemblance to traditional metal. (fadinghalorecords)
String bending tech grind with back and forth growls and shrieks, asymmetrical and atonal riffs melded in caustic fashion with free jazz and bespectacled, psychotic experimentalism is the order of the day.” (metalunderground)
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- blackened crust din Timisoara