FuZZZ o)))ut the JaMz


live, unscripted & loud:

(stoner/drone/freejazz/doom /Timisoara/Arad/Mainz)

Grave for Sale
(psychedelic surf /Timisoara)

Licheenii rock&roll!
(stoner/heavyrock/neuesavage /Timisoara)

L3s Mauvais Jours Finiront
(aftersludgegaze/postdoom/heavyrock /Timisoara/Bucuresti)

++Psychedelic apres party++

Atelier DIY
Pestalozzi 20
28 Decembrie

luv the noize

Sunday // 1 December 2013 // 20:30
Atelier DIY // Pestalozzi 20

Les Spritz: diy noise punk two pieces from the Mediterranean sea in Messina, Sicily, Italy. Our band was formed in 2006, play loud, fast, discordant music with a cheap crappy drumkit and a guitar with selfmade distortion effects. The music is hard to describe, we have a lot of different influences from no-wave to noise and punk. Since 2006 we have played more than 100 gigs in squat, garage, friend’s garden in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and UK sharing the stage with a lot of cool band like Don vito, Le Singe Blanc, Ovo, Klaus legal, Headwar,Peter J Taylor (Action Beat), Mr Marcaille and we recorded two LP 12” and a 7”split with our friends Le Singe Blanc from Metz....in September 2013 out a new split with Stig noise Soundsystem from Liverpool!!!


BLOG http://lesspritz.wordpress.com/

JocDeGlezne: postfastcore-bassmaniax-lo)))vetothebone. cheap tricks and lovely riffs that will break your spirit. (TM)

Night of the Living Surf

Saturday // 7 Decembrie 2013
Atelier DIY // Pestalozzi 20

Threesome are an explosive Power Surf trio from Belgrade, Serbia. Primarily instrumental, the band represents a common denominator of the surf rock style of the early 1960s and new wave, punk and math rock. 

Grave for Sale "probably the first surf-rock band in Romania" ... but then again they rock and swing and psyche you out! 

DVVMNIGHT IV ~~ We Pass Like Night From Land to Land ~~

Dvvmnight is a celebration of sovnd and hvmanity, creativity, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood ... no hate, no boredom, no borders... 

Performances by: 

Tidal Yield (stoner//doom//sludge, Srb)
Tidal Yield is a bearded duo which unloads ooze onto the stage out of sheer fun! Pounding drums and massive riffs. 


TAUUSK (dRone//doom//ambient, Ro)
Evil synths, heavily distorted guitar riffs, repetitive bass lines, surreal soundscapes. Sounds and noises. 

AWWO+Lebdi (Ro/Srb)
a special collaboration beteen Lebdi and AWWO.

Lebdi (floating//ambient//experimental)
is a She 
lebdi = is floating, hovering
hovering (levitation) is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force 
against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact; 
floating (psychological phenomenon) means slipping into altered states.


AWWO (sludge//blackmetal//dvvm)
AWWO is re*flec*tion. Guitar driven contemplation. Soul machines. The anima conspiracy. Feral trust.


sambata/saturday - 2 nov 2013 - ora 21:00
atelier d.i.y., pestalozzi 20

RFT is an Italian Hardcore band based in Milan.
It was born as Rifiuti in 1999 in the basement of a Milanese squat named "Deposito Bulk". The initial project was to give life to a band strongly influenced by the Italian Punk-Hardcore old school. After almost 15 years and countless line-up changes the actual formation is:
Luchino (vocals), Marco (drums), Dani (bass), Luca and Taglia (guitars). Our first live show was in 2000; since then we played more than 200 gigs. We had the pleasure to share the stage with many Italian and international bands such as Murphy’s Law, Ratos de Porao, Angelic Upstarts, GBH, Zero Boys, Kuraia and others. Our style evolved in time from the frenetic and raw Hardcore-Punk of the beginnings to a more complex sound with Metalcore and NYHC influences. Heavy distortions and powerful guitar riffs give support to strong and furious Italian lyrics speaking about our everyday life and mixing social critique with existential issues.

Italian Pun band based in Milan. Listen Here!

KAOS INK. radikal hiphop tm


vineri/friday, 25 oct, ora 20:00, atelier d.i.y.
Persona Non Grata // greek info night & political poetry


din seria repetitii cu prieteni: live drum'n'bass!
poster by Nuzdru

La casa fantom (drum n bass forest hc crust/Norvegia)

A two piece band (drum and bass) playing dark experimental crust punk. We have been playing for 13 years, more than 500 concerts in 29 country in the DIY scene in Europe. We have made five 12" and five 7 inches this time, all recorded in our self built studio in the forest and released on our own label. You can read more about us on our homepage: www.lacasafantom.com

Joc de glezne (drum n bass n noise post fastcore/Timisoara)

noborder9 vs thrashfest8

noborder9 vs thrashfest8
vineri - 4 oct - ora 21.30
awwo (timisoara)

sambata - 5 oct - ora 21.00

atelier diy



...the german discussion...

Vineri 20septembrie

ora 21.00 AtelierDIY

Angstbreaker was founded 2012 by six handsome guys from the lower eastside of Germany, offering hardcore without small-minded constraints with two singers and fast hand melodic guitar. We are too old to die young, that means our topics mostly ain´t "no future" stuff. 
Angstbreaker brings a message and fun to the dance floor. We hope to see you! 
... sa ascultam niste Angstbreaker:

3 man grind/power violence commando from Germany. Drum ´n bass power violence like Godstomper or currently Water Torture. Short, fast and loud.
...sa ascultam niste Trigger:

plus posibil (dar putin probabil) 
Suport Local

OAKEN (HU), BANDAGE (GR) & AWWO (TM) - @Atelier d.i.y. [13.09.2013]



independent voices 10

INDEPENDENT VOICES - al 10lea an!!!



Macedonian band BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could be shortly described as danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocal. But don’t be misleaded, we are talking here about extremely political band influenced by a variety of bands, from Submission Hold over Fugazi all the way to the Gossip and Gang of Four. Firm drum beats accompanied with thick and groovy bass lines are the base upon which layers of funky and broken guitar chords are placed, and above all comes unique, strong and remarkable female voice as a cherry on the top. Were lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy and catchy atmosphere already mentioned?
(Maybe because BERNAYS PROPAGANDA is deeply rooted in d.i.y. hard core scene).




PAVILIONUL. (timisoara)


MC BROKO (jihlava)


AWWO (timisoara)

4 ani de atelier do-it-yourself

++ TBA! ++

TheBustyIdiots + GraveForSale la Atelier DIY

Ride In Peace Negru [03. aug. 2013]

Sâmbătă, 3 August 2013

Tam Tam, Gluga Neagra si Atelier d.i.y. vă invită la un jam session in memoria lui Cristi aka Negru.
Jam sessionul va fi sustinut de membrii trupelor: Kooperativa, The Egocentrics, Methadone Skies, AWWO, Void Foreger si Nomega.
La intrare se va putea lasa o suma de bani pe care o vom dona mai departe familiei.

Rest In Peace our dear, beloved friend. We're gonna miss you...

R.I.P. you will never be forgotten

Warsong la Atelier DIY


23.07.2013 / AtelierDIY / 21.30


More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters la Atelier DIY

Krlja vs Seppuku vs Awwo 28.06 la AtelierDIY

...cea de-a 28-a zi din luna a VI-a a anului al 2013-lea...
...orele ce urmeaza dupa orele 21...

...la AtelierDIY...
...in Timisoara...

o repetitie cu prieteni

death metal crust punk grind 
Krlja was founded in April, 2009. With influences from its band members styles and many bands worldwide we have created our own variety of death/grind/crust metal. We have released 1st album called "Grind World Order" and you can order it right now!!! Grind 'till your fucking head fall off!
asculta aici:
Krlja -Psalms Of The Eater God

asculta aici:
Krlja - Grind New Order:

punk crust grind hardcore 
Fast, angry, loud crust/grind/punk music with social, political and anti-religious lyrics.
asculta aici: 

black metal dvvm
*Un proiect nou ce include fosti, actuali si viitori membrii LiviaSura*

Wardhill + Joc de glezne = Hardcore Stoner Night!

Miercuri, 19 iunie 2013,
ora 21, atelier d.i.y.

WARDHILL \\ hc stoner\sludge \\ Geneve, ch

Since 2004, WardHill has constantly been developing its music towards a more and more radical and raw style. After a 1st rock'n roll demo "Motherfuckers" the trio record finally its first vinyl, 100 % DIY! The style becomes more radical and the band draws their influences to groups such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Kylesa, Victims for the modern side.
Brought out in a 10" vinyl version in November 2010 on the label GPS Prod, it was followed by an European tour along with our beloved friends Elizabeth!

2012, the band as the chance to share the stage with big acts such as Red Fang, Baroness, Eyehategod and during the summer they tour eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia) for the first time!
At the end of the year the band enter the studio to record their next record.
June 2013 the new record "A Pledge To Lava" sees the light!! 6 new tracks of stoner-sludge in a beautiful colored vinyl, out with the collaboration of Urgence Disk Records, Hannibal's Records and GPS Prod.
This was followed by tour accros new countries such as Austria and Romania.

Download vinyl for free @ http://wardhill.bandcamp.com/

JOC DE GLEZNE \\ post-fastcore bassmaniax from P32 crew \\ Temeswar, ro

damage: tba!

UHL+Karcavul+Forest+Coins @ Atelier d.i.y. 16.05.2013

joi 16 mai 2013 // ora 21:00


live noise performance cu:

- raw anarcho-black metal duo din Dijon, Franta
"... According to the man behind Printemps Noir, UHL are a duo from France playing raw anarcho-black metal. They also released a split w/ Devilish Cheat on 213 records, a label that belongs to Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat, ex-Shall Not Kill)..." (r-a-b-m)
 Aculta UHL - Morbid Curiosity aici:

- necro doom extreme din Lyon, Franta
"Karcavul are an extreme doom band coming from Lyon, France. This three piece goal is basically to cause as must disgust as possible throughout their murky and rotten doom. So rotten that they classify their own music as “Necro Doom Extreme” and i totally agree with that. Containing 4 slabs of some of the most necro doom, “Rawctaver” successfully impersonates his goal to the listener, leaving him uncomfortable and sick as possible.
The opening track “Varices”, that means something related to varicose veins, opens with one of the most obnoxious sounds to me… the irritating buzzing sound of flies as they fly around… i don’t want to even imagine it, i just had lunch. Karcavul is heavy. This whole orchestra of decay works very well as a whole even when they unexpectedly change the tempos from that dragged, filthy sludge doom to a storm of death metal filled with some blast beats as well. Another piece of horror pulled apart from Karcavul’s worst nightmare is “Sacamerde”, a brutal and heavy as fuck track, where the band keeps on alternating from slow to fast in a blink of an eye. Although the main influence of Karcavul is clearly sludge doom, there are also some death metal parts like in “Culacl Rnael”, where the bands immediately speeds up at a death metalish pace, layered with very deep growls causing the ground to shake below our feet. It closes with “Sépir”, a track that maintains under a steady reign, the alignment of horror that we had so far. Drinking influences from some of the most brutal genres in heavy music, Karcavul successfully managed to expose their (twisted) vision of the World. If i could resume this release in one word it would probably be: Devastating." 
(Karcavul - Rawctaver review in Cvltnation)

Asculta aici Karcavul - Rawctavul:

- hardcore/mathcore din Brasov
I Stared Into the Forest is a hardcore band from Brasov, Romania. Their sound is a mix of different hardcore styles, with emphasis on “real screamo” and metallic “math” hardcore and even hints of death metal.
 On 12th December 2012, ISITF released their second EP “Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue” in the digital format. It will be available on vinyl through both Fading Halo Records and Ulterior Tapes in spring 2013. (fadinghalorecords)
Their record is one of those that keep getting interesting every listening, it blasts a raw blend of different styles of hardcore, metal and trashy riffs, along uptempo melodies and grindcore breakdowns. Fifteen minutes of experimental and frantic songwriting with perfect fitting screaming voice.” (wefuckinglastlonger
Asculta aici noul EP I Stared Into the Forest – "Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue":

Asculta aici primul material I Stared Into the Forest – "Society Discontinued":

- experimental grindcore din Brasov
Coins as Portraits is a grindcore band from Brasov, Romania. They have been developing their sound since late 2006, with their first proper recording “Form and Structure, Storm and Fracture” released in 2011 by Fading Halo Records and Asiluum.

Coins as Portraits take a progressive approach to songwriting, pushing past genre boundaries. Their experimenting with grindcore involves unusual time signatures, dissonance and unconventional song structures. A form of extreme music that bears little resemblance to traditional metal. (fadinghalorecords)
String bending tech grind with back and forth growls and shrieks, asymmetrical and atonal riffs melded in caustic fashion with free jazz and bespectacled, psychotic experimentalism is the order of the day.” (metalunderground)
Asculta aici Coins As Portraits - "Form and Structure. Storm and Fracture.": 

- blackened crust din Timisoara

Ruins VS Grave For Sale VS Livia Sura Acoustic

"our lives... ruins... graves..."

Sambata 11 mai 201321.30 la Atelier DIY

punk / d-beat / hardcore - Germania
(neocrust a la Alpinist, Fall Of Efrafa, Kylesa
Include membrii Patsy O Hara, Shoyu Squad)

Asculta aici Ruins - "Incidents" LP:

+ citeste prezentarea ultimului material Ruins - "Incidents" (germana)
Ruins aus Bielefeld mit ihrer ersten richtigen LP. Nach einem Demo und der Split-LP mit Kyrest startet die Band voll durch und haut eine sensationelle Platte raus, die in einer Liga mit den derzeit angesagten Neocrust-Bands wie Alpinist, Fall of Efrafa oder Kylesa spielt und dabei doch viel mehr ist als nur die nächste Tragedy-Kopie. Düstere, beklommene Atmosphäre, satte Soundwände, technische Versiertheit und eine unglaubliche Power und Wucht zeichnen dieses Monster aus. Die Platte beginnt schleppend und fesselt Dich sofort, zieht Dich in ihren Bann und lässt nicht mehr los. Düster, episch, packend und mit einer verzweiflungsgefüllten Stimme, die begleitet wird von alles zerfräsenden Melodien. Bei Ruins spielen u.a. Leute von Patsy o Hara, KPX und Shoyu Squad mit, die Band ist ohne Ende live unterwegs und diese fünf Songs mit fast 33 Minuten Spielzeit werden dafür sorgen, dass sie so schnell nicht vergessen wird. Gemixt in der Tonmeisterei Oldenburg, gemastert von Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) und mit wunderschönem Düsterartwork. LP kommt mit beidseitigem A2-Textposter, schwarzen Innenhüllen und Downloadcode. (twisted-chords)

Asculta aici Ruins / Kyrest split LP:

+ citeste prezentarea split LP-ului Ruins/Kyrest 
"Both bands play some intense modern neocrust-dbeat. We know the ruins-guys from bands like Shoyu Squad and KPX and so we expected a brutal liveset and we got it. For this split, Ruins recorded four songs with the help of Robin Völkert and brought it to a playtime of nearly 19 minutes. Kyrest tackle their songs in the same way, brutal and atmospheric neocrust with german and english lyrics. The kyrest-side of the record brings four songs in about 14 minutes. All the records come in grey, milky wax. So, all you friends of dark and doomy records, this one is for you." (bisaufsmesser)

+ opening acts:

...probably the first surf rock band in Romania...

blackened crust - Timisoara
in 11.05 will perform a Special Acrustic Set!!!