Crazy German Underground Night

Miercuri Seara Underground Live!

24 Octombrie 2012

usile se deschid la 21.00... 

...muzica incepe la 21.32!

(cine 'intra' intre 21.32 si 22.00 sau e preten cu Punku poate primi o bere gratis!!!)



(one man punk - spoken war, Nunulandia - land of 'Denial' and 'Daniel')

"As I can't seem to find anymore people in Nunulandia to play with me as Pavilionul 32, I decided to take the example of my elder brother Dan Nexantes and do the 'one man punk' thinggy. Unlike my wiser and older brother I have no musical skills, so I will perform in 24 october (yes, today!) a 32minutes 'spoken war' which I have no clue what will be about. All people interested to join in, or which have something to say, or show something, or just fuck shit up, should do it. Otherwise, just hang around... should be damn funny seeing me trying to talk some sense into the 3 guys standing in front of me... me, the walky-talky non-sense.
It's no fuckin drama and no soap-opera... I just continue to do what I like, say what I think and have fun with fuckedup people like me (meaning you) - because it's who I am.

On 10 November I have promises from 3 other former members that we should do the live songs and the new songs... so should be fun for people lookin' for some music also not just blabla.  
We shall see us then also, and in case something is changing I keep you updated on the Pavilionul 32 or Gluga Neagra websites.

Nu mai traduc. Este vorba despre: Hai Romania!" - pavi32


(old school hardcore/punk, Germania)


(thrash/core, Germania)


(electro punk, Germania)