ANULAT!!! Post-Rock Night @ Atelier D.I.Y. [19 OCT.]

Turneul celor de la the Ills din Romania este anulat. Aici este mesajul de la ei: 
Hi guys,
I am very sad and sorry to destroy your day with such an information, but we have to cancell the tour in Romania.
Filip, my boyfriend and the bassplayer lost his grandma this morning. The Funeral will be proceed on friday. 
I am very sorry, but he could not go or play the gig and have fun. His family needs him and he would never forgive himself for skipping the funeral.
The gig we did set up for november for alternativ quartet in bratislava is still confirmed. 

If you are still intersted in having The Ills playing, maybe we can arrange something later for next year.

Greetings and appologies for the troubles. 


Starting back in 2008 as a bedroom project more than a regular band, The Ills found quickly missing spot in slovak independent scene. They connected their vision of how should post-rock sound like with shoegaze loudness. With two guitars, bass, drums and no vocals The Ills played from small pubs and cellars, clubs and festivals, and they are one of the most active slovak live bands. They shared stage with key names of their music style - God Is An Astronaut, pg.lost, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Kokomo, Obstacles and many more.

After four years and more than one hundred concerts The Ills proved to be ready to bring live elements of their shows into a record. Splendor, second album by The Ills is not a genre record anymore and the result is broaden by variety of other influcences such as math-rock or sludge. The Ills are trying to avoid stereotypical post-rock with combination of strong atmosphere, almost popish choruses and guitar soundscapes.