TRIAL (US), Anchor (SE), R.W.T.H. (US), Mediocracy(RO), I.S.I.T.F.(RO)

Pe data de 25 septembrie - ora: 20:30 - Club Fabrica - str. 11 Iunie , nr. 50, Bucuresti , Romania

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Trial - political straight edge hardcore(S.U.A.- Panic Records) , Anchor - vegan straight edge hardcore (SUEDIA- Let It Burn) , Run with the hunted - straight edge hardcore (S.U.A.- Panic Records) , Mediocracy - neocrust (Romania- Asiluum) , I stared into the forest - screamo, metallic hardcore (Romania-  Fading Halo Records)
 "the struggle is not over - it assumes new forms" These words are a vision which Trial relates to every day as a parallel of their own history. Since forming in 1994 the band has worked desperately to communicate their infusion of activism, emotion, anger and intensity in a world where people are more comfortable remaining sedate. Challenging that attitude, Trial has never given up, all the while fueled by a relentless desire to play hardcore music which is charged with political and personal fury.

Hailing from the metal and hardcore hotbed of Sweden/Norway, Anchor bring a heavy, aggressive hardcore sound with howled vocals and devastating mosh parts, but not without its speed and urgency, taking cues from bands like Judge, Entombed, Skitsystem and Verse. Members have done time in The Smackdown, Balance, Dead Vows, Damage Control and Set My Path, and their message is one of compassion and awareness.

Run with the Hunted is five people trying to understand the world around them; five people trying to understand themselves through each other; five people channeling their hopes, fears and struggles into the music that makes sense to them - desperate, emotionally exhausting, Hardcore. Run with the Hunted architect songs founded around the heaviness and technicality of bands like Indecision and Turmoil intermixed with strong noisy flourishes akin to Botch or Catharsis. The end result is anything but the typical aping of either niched genre - it’s a powerful combination of both without the shortcomings of either and a unique style all it’s own.