In every dream home, a heartache.

1. Atelier DIY is an informal space, supported by a collective of friends, around which good things (mostly) happen, among which:
* band rehearsals (some in front of friends, what is usually known as “concerts” elsewhere) - local bands and others,
* workshops (textile printing, photo, diy, computing, etc.),
* discussions on different topics,
* film screenings,
* others: infoshop (books, zines, cds, cassettes, vinyls), freeshop, food not bombs.

2. According to capacity and possibilities, Atelier DIY supports people getting involved in similiar activities, in the frame of Atelier DIY or other contexts. If you want to get involved, do it, help will come your way!
A first step can be participation in existing actions. Then, as you get new ideas, which turn out to be interesting for others, you can put them into action. Do not wait for the others to give you your scene, concerts, to think for you, to live your life. BE YOUR LOCAL SCENE!

3. The decisions regarding Atelier DIY are taken by the whole collective on the principles of direct democracy.

4. Atelier DIY is a fragile and valuable place. We strongly encourage people who visit to respect and protect it. Atelier DIY is not a public space, nor is it a bar, club or concert hall. We invite people to behave like they are in our home, or how they would like us to behave in their homes. In particular, when visiting the space, one should always stay with us, not wander around in the yard (Atelier DIY is a rented space in an old factory, of course you can wander around outside). Our visitors should use the available facilities, pissing on fences and walls will have been a phase in their lives long left behind.

5. For bands from outside that come to practice (with friends), we encourage fuel contributions. Help them get to their next gig!

6. Atelier DIY is sustained entirely by individual contributions of the members
of the collective – there are bills to pay, rent, facilities. If you think that what we have here deserves to go on, and you think you can contribute, let us know.

7. Atelier DIY is a friendly and tolerant space, we encourage freedom (creative, expression, thought). Freedom that does not limit other’s freedom.

8. It is rather unlikely that racists, homophobes, nationalists (local, chronic or acute), sexists, microaggresives, macroaggresives, bigots, xenophobes, other people with discriminatory tendencies
– otherwise easily treated with relatively large doses of rational thinking and some drops of humanity – are present at Atelier DIY. Maybe to recover from such afflictions – which are unpleasantly common in society, and maybe no one is totally immune to their influence at one point or another. The atmosphere at Atelier DIY helps in avoiding such afflictions.

Rest In Peace Norocel.
9. While at Atelier DIY, if you need something, or you want to get involved, or you want to help, need information, you want to talk – feel free to talk to us. Atelier DIY people are open and friendly, despite appearances, despite tired faces, dreads or crusty patches.

10. If your visit was interesting, bring a friend next time you come by. Tell them about us and what we do, especially if you know they might be involved in similar things. If you are a band touring, we may help. If you are passing through Timisoara, contact us, visit us!
contact: atelierdiy[at]yahoo[dot]com