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PAVILIONUL 32 din Timisoara

ora 21:00, 28 aprilie 2011, Atelier DIY.

Kalashnikov were born in 1996 on the dirty floor of a squat in Milan, to give vent to the adolescent restlessness of three guys with their ears clogged by Wretched, Bad Religion and Clash. Under the drunkenness of the heavenly libertarian nectar and rejecting the ruling alternative thrash music, Kalashnikov are created with the wish to put together their own utopias and passion. Through the years there were many changes either in the line-up, or in our music and our lyrics, but anyway some features have lasted: Kalashnikov have always played a concentration of melodic and fast music with high libertarian spirit, following the path of DIY.

Vise od milimetra are a band from temerin near novi sad, they answered to some questions:

1. Who writes lyrics in your band and what are they about?

A: We all (almost) wrote some lyrics for the songs we play. We also play songs written by our former members. Some of them are personal, some “political”, some are just jokes.

2. Your favourite local space for concerts?

A: Here in Temerin, we don’t have place made for concerts, thus from time to time it is posible to organize concert in the local football club’s pub.

3. Does it help to live close to Novi Sad, is there a better hc/punk scene than in other towns?

A: …

4. In which time and town would you like to go with your band if time-travelling was possible (future destinations like Bitterfeld 2013 allowed)

A: Now.

5. Your favourite record and/or influence?

A: My favourite record? There are so many records i like, but in some period of my life i listen The Stooges over and over. So, their first album is one of my top of the pops. But it is just small part from wide range of musical influences we have.

6. Favourite books?

A: 1984. and Hobit.

7. Favourite films?

A: The Blues Brothers, Night on Earth, Bal na vodi. And Star Wars episode 4, 5, & 6.

8. Lately got problems with the police? (or felt protected by the police?)

A:From time to time, when go to other towns they love to check our ID’s. But, thats all.

9. Do you ever miss the existence of squatted cultural centres near you, as they partly dominate the subcultural scenes in some countries?

A: In some countries, but not in Serbia. I readed about squats, talked to peoble from them but i’ve never visited any of them. But if it ever hapen to us to have one or two, it will be great.

10. Favourite space where you had a concert?

A: Pantha rhei club in Backa Topola.

11. Any plans for recordings?

A: Wee have home recorded demo.

12. Favourite local band that already existed when your band didnt exist?

A: For me it’s Raspad Sistema (System Breakdown) which existed in ’94-”98.

13. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have fallen in love with?” (Buzzcocks)

A: Always!!!

14. Are you influenced by international hc/punk networks like fanzines or influential bands?

15. Your favorite words of one of your songs (translated to english?)

A: “Left-right, right-left, black-white, white-black… It’s all grey”