LA FIESTA D.I.Y.! #1, [1 sept 2010]

MIERCURI, 1 septembrie 2010, ora 22.00, Atelier DIY.




ZxUxA, Austria

PAVILIONUL 32, Timisoara.

+ videos by 32tv

1 sept

The Lines We Cross

"Every end is also a beginning. After "Final Round Crew" in autumn '07, Florus (guitar) got the idea to found a new band. Based on contacts and local connections, the lineup was completed very easily and fast. Cörni (2nd guitar), Alex (bass) and Ulle (drums) joined the party. But it wasn't easy to find somebody for the vocals. After a certain time Christian joined, to do this job. It's really hard to explain the style of our music, due to several impressions and influences, which everyone of us brought to TLWC. The whole music is a mixture of oldschool, side-to-side parts, mosh and 2step-beats. Since july 09 Johannes plays the drum set, because Ulle has left the band. We are happy to have found G.M. for playing the guitar since april 10, because Florus also decided to leave the band. The majority of the band members are straight edge and vegetarians. That is why tolerance, unity, friendship and also a lot of fun are very important facts of this band. Everybody is allowed to share those things or feelings with us at our shows. Have fun."

“At the beginning the sound was a little bit heavy with moshparts and breakdowns. I think it sounds like typical metal-core. But after only three/four month we developed in a melodic/old-school direction. We try to work with booth guitars (rhythm and lead guitar, melodic-parts and mid-tempos) but we also have some mosh parts too. Its not easy to describe it. We try to find our own style, we didn't want to copie other bands and there sound. Perhaps its a mixture from really great and fantastic bands like Champion, Comeback Kid and Terror.”


For us ZxUxA is the opposite to all this rockstar-shit-bands: we make this music because we love it, because we have something to say about this fucked up world and that not just to a well defined scene but to all people who are ready to open their minds and last but not least because it is a lot of fun with you all!! and because we are spineless slaves of the crusty-imperium…

Cannibal System

Cannibal System has been formed in summer 2005. The Line up was Doppler-drums, Max-guitar, Niki-bass and Seppl-vocals. After one year of practise and several gigs in and around Vienna, Max and Doppler quit the band because of other musical interests and other projects. Niki and Seppl didn..t want the band to die, and in the end of summer 2006 our good friends Martin-guitar and Flitzi-drums joined the band. At the beginning of 2008, finally G-Petto joined in for the 2nd guitar. We went to a studio and recorded some songs..........last, but not least: we would like to play in your town, so dare to ask us for gigs!

MONDAY THE 13th! [13 sept 2010]

LUNI, 13 Septembrie 2010, ora 21.00, Atelier DIY!

THE ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN, cabaret animal grind - Hamburg, Germania.

GOVERNMENT FLU, oldschool 80's hardcore punk - Polonia

CALM THE FIRE, cursed hellish metal hardcore - Polonia

PAVILIONUL 32, local host doing the uh-la-la-la fastcore punk.

13 sept

The Attack of the Mad Axeman

...after the mad axeman destroyed the forest some animals decided to get back in charge of their destiny. There was only one way to show their extreme anger about what had happened: playing harsh and ruthless grindcore.  So they left their homes to destroy your ears but also to make you sensible for animal problems.

Animal grind is an attempt of deconstructing boundaries: not only between humans and animals - also within the animals themselves: a snail on drums, a bee on bass, a growling turtle on vocals and a squirrel and a night owl sharing the dirty work on guitars.

Animals with very different backgrounds you may think, but they found a way of working together. and they want you to join the squad - no matter if you have two, four, six, eight or a thousand legs. Punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals: these are the weapons fighting ignorance, injustice and.. the mad axeman.

FAST! FEAST! FIESTA! #2 [17-18 sept 2010]

VINERI si SAMBATA, 17-18 septembrie 2010, ora 21:00, la Atelier DIY.

Fast Fiesta

VINERI/FRIDAY, hiphopin' with:

MC HOMELESS din Ohio, America

PT BURNEM din Illinois, America

MR. SIID din Salonta, Romania

S'MORT din Timisoara.

SAMBATA/SATURDAY, we're gettin' faster..:

ALPINIST din Munster, Germania

SHOYUSQUAD din Bielefeld, Germania

PAVILIONUL 32 din Timisoara

MEDIOCRACY din Bucuresti

STUCK IN A RUT din Cluj-Napoca