202 PROJECT - 4 mai 2010, la Scârț

"Blues, electronica love under the bomb...or..the sea, waves and an hurrican far away"

202 project - one man band from France

4 mai 2010, la Scartz (str. Zoe nr 1, langa parcul Doina)

ora 20.00, intrare: 5 ron.


202project is the one man band of JP ( jhon Player) since 1996. He was one of those kids who starts a band without ever having touched an instrument.. . ..he quikly started bands and projects, playing the guitar,sing,poetry but also keyboard, sampling, and technical flips ...with 202project,he developed his own language mixing blues, electronic,noise and experimentations in every directions but at the same time went in the same way. a wall of sound and love. The first 202project LP was out on Tool Box records in 2003, In 2005 he joined the tean
briefcaserockers (L.A.) then he leave them in 2008... at this time JP 202 has produced more than 280 songs including solo records, bands and collabs .. he allready share the stage with: Mc Lusky, Red,Liars,Neptunes, Aids wolfs,DJ Vadim, Labwaste, Subtitle, Juan Huevos, Icarius Line, The willows,SHit,Parrabellum,Sleepy times Gorilla museum..etc... he did 5 tours in europe, booking and driving his little van..he will did more, he olso build his secret lab..he is the Batman of this game and he fight the vilains and share music and love all around the world..