KATMA - hardcore punk din Beograd, Serbia

PAVILIONUL 32 - fastcore punk, TM

HAOS - punk rock, TM

LIVIA SURA - sludge / experimental, TM

NOMEGA - stoner / noise rock, TM


Punctele de colectare a donatiilor:

Se mai pot face donatii in contul: RO31BTRL03601205P00615XX (B.T.)

COMUNICAT Possitive Youth Kraljevo:

La inceputul lui noiembrie 2010, orasul Kraljevo a fost victima unui cutremur de o intensitate neobisnuita pentru aceasta parte a Balcanilor. Deja intr-o situatie inferioara si dependenta din punct de vedere economic, municipalitatea a fost adusa de cutremur intr-o situatie de criza, ce are consecinte tragice. Neglijenta autoritatilor locale si a elitei guvernante din Terazije fata de rezidentii acestei municipalitati din inima Serbiei a pus cetatenii intr-o situatie disperata.

S-a intamplat ceva laudabil in Kraljevo in ultimii douazeci de ani? Daca am privi istoria acestui oras, istorie la care am fost martori oculari, ne-am putea aminti cateva lucruri. Primele ganduri ne duc la modul in care acest oras a rezistat regimului Slobodan Milosevic. Kraljevo a fost unul din primele orase in care opozitia a iesit castigatoare la alegerile din 1996-1997, iar dupa punerea in vigoare a lex specialis, a fost printre primele orase in care Partidul Socialist din Serbia a pierdut puterea. Practic in intregul oras se simtea nevoia de o schimbare si de plecarea lui Milosevic de la putere. Deja din 1993 a existat o miscare de revolta, intr-o vreme in care putini au indraznit sa spuna ceva.

Douazeci de ani mai tarziu, puterea apartinea unor oameni pentru care ani de zile Kraljevo a iesit in strada in ploaie, zapada si vant. Motivul pentru care luni de zile, oamenii au iesit pe strazi sau in piete nu a fost contestat. Dupa schimbarile din anul 2000, din cauza reformelor de tranzitie, cetatenii din Kraljevo au alunecat spre saracie. Autoritatile locale au fost inlocuite de cateva ori, si de cele mai multe ori se infruntau cu dispute legate de necesitatea celebrarii datei de 14 octombrie in parcul memorial, care parca suna a “trecutul intunecat al regimului comunist”.

Cand guvernul nu respecta mortii, mormintele peste care orasul nostru iubit este plasat, cum ne pot respecta pe noi cei care traim la limita existentei. Conform rapoartelor Tanjug, ajutorul vine din mai multe parti, dar inca efectele nu se vad. Ceva e putred in orasul Kraljevo. Si miroase a degradare si ipocrizie. Boris, Ivica si Mirko au venit, au facut poze si au plecat. Prietenul lor Tijanic a dat la televizor imagini din Kraljevo. La scurt timp, televiziunea a uitat de Kraljevo si oamenii de acolo. Pe cand in vestul Serbiei inundatiile sunt “trendy”, problemele produse de cutremur sunt “demodate”. Dragi cetateni ai orasului Kraljevo, sunteti pe cont propriu! Asta e realitatea care a lovit orasul in care ne-am nascut. Pe masura ce neglijarea orasului Kraljevo, care a fost distrus de cutremur, a devenit evidenta, am decis sa initiem actiunea “Balkan of solidarity, not Balkan of nationalism”(“Balcani ai solidaritatii, nu Balcani ai nationalismului”). In aceasta era neinsufletita a tranzitiei si a unui capitalism crud construit pe rationament feudal, a urii omniprezente si nationalismului din Balcani, ideea noastra e de a demostra ca inca mai exista in Balcani oameni ale caror minti nu sunt contaminate de eventimentele de cosmar ce s-au intamplat din 1990 pana acum. Sunt aceeasi oameni care nu au lasat ura sa se infiltreze in inimile si care au pastrat acolo un un loc pentru toti oamenii din zonele devastate indiferent de religie, culoare sau origine.


In early november of 2010 city of Kraljevo was hit by earthquake with intesity not too common for this part of Balkans. Already economically inferior and dependent, municipality of Kraljevo was pushed by earthquake into even more tragic crisis with far-reaching consequences. The complete lack of care of local authorities and governing elite from Terazije for residents of this gentle municipality in the heart of Republic of Serbia made it's citizens very desperate. Was there anything in the past twenty years in Kraljevo to commend? If we would look at  history of this city, history we've eyewitnessed, we would probably remember only a few thing. On first thoughts we would remember defiance which this city showed against regime of Slobodan Milosevic. Kraljevo was one of the first cities in which opposition triumphed on the elections in 1996./1997., and after introducing lex specialis it was one of the first cities where SPS (Socialist party of Serbia) lost power. Almost entire city was breathing for change and Milosevic leaving power. Revolt against was shown already in 1993. in the times when only few dared to show their teeth. Twenty years later, power is in hands of people for whom Kraljevo was for years in the streets on rain, snow and wind. It was never questioned for whom and why months were spent on squares and streets. After changes in 2000. due transition reforms, citizens of Kraljevo dramatically slid into poverty. Local authorities were replaced several times, and for the most of the time they were dealing with disputes like is it really necessary to celebrate October 14 in the memorial park because that certainly smells like "dark past of commie rule". When government has no respect for the dead, graves over which our beloved city is placed, how they will respect us, us who are half-live on the edge of existence. As Tanjug reports help is coming from all sides, but still there is no effect. Something is rotten in Kraljevo city. And it seems so. Specific smell of decay and hipocrisy can be sensed in the air. Boris, Ivica and Mirko came, took pictures and left. Their buddy Tijanic, acorrding to popular proverb showed on TV images from Kraljevo. Soon after television forgot Kraljevo and people from Kraljevo. As floods in western Serbia are now "trendy", I see that earthquake issues are now "demode". My dear citizens of Kraljevo, you're left on your own. That's reality which has befallen city in which we were born. As neglect for Kraljevo which was destroyed by earthquake become apparent, we decided to start action "Balkan of solidarity, not Balkan of nationalism". Our idea, in this soulless age of tranisition  and mixture of cruel capitalism which is built on feudalistic reasoning same as ubiquitous hatred and nationalism on Balkans, is to show that there are still people on Balkan whose minds arent contaminated with nightmarish events from 1990 onwards. It is the same people who didnt left hatred to infiltrate their hearts in which tehre is place for all people from this devastated area regardless of differences in religion, color or national origin.

WINTERFEST nr.4 la Atelier DIY!

Egocentrics, Trademark si Nomega la Atelier DIY [BENEFIT!]

Sambata, 27 noiembrie 2010, ora 21:00

repetitii cu prietenii:

EGOCENTRICS din Timisoara


si NOMEGA din Timisoara


Hrana Nu Bombe! [12 nov 2010]

Detalii cat si urmatoarele actiuni pe blogul HranaNuBombe.


MIERCURI, 17 noiembrie 2010, ora 21:00

IMPURITA - hardcore/beat hiphop din Serbia, alaturi de

BANAT HARDKOR SOUNDSYSTEM - experimental dub, tot din Serbia,

vor concerta la Targu Mures, in Club Evolution (str. Sinaia nr.3)

un eveniment Gluga Neagra si Sindicatul.


Sambata - 11 decembrie 2010 - ora 21.00

HAOS - timisoara classic punk unit

AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA - thrash hardcore/punk - slovenia

PAVILIONUL 32 - fastcore punks

Senza Frontiere de Aktivna Propaganda:

Tu vs Ei de Pavilionul32:

CZOSNEK si HGW din Polonia!

VINERI, 12 noiembrie 2010 - ora 21

CZOSNEK si HGW - old school hardcore punk din Polonia

Niste piese:

South America vs Banat!

JOI - 18 noiembrie 2010 - ora 21:00

repetitii cu prietenii:

UZOMI - thrash/crossover din Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia

IMPURITA - hardcore/beat hip hop din Zrenjanin, Banat/Serbia

UZOMI video:


IMPURITA video:,t=1,mt=video

seara de POST PUNK!

DUMINICA 7 Noiembrie 2010

repetitii cu prietenii:

BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - groovy post punk din Macedonia


THE BAD DAYS WILL END - noise rock/doomy post punk din TM

Atelier DIY, ora 21.00

BERNAYS PROPAGANDA la Underground Timisoara Festival 2009:

Macedonian band BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could be shortly described as danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocal. But dont be misleaded, we are talking here about extremely political band influenced by a variety of bands, from Submission Hold over Fugazi all the way to the Gossip and Gang of Four. Firm drum beats accompanied with thick and groovy bass lines, are the base upon which layers of funky and broken guitar chords are placed, and above all comes unique, strong and remarkable female voice as a cherry on the top. Were lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy and catchy atmosphere already mentioned? (Maybe because BERNAYS PROPAGANDA is deeply rooted in d.i.y. hard core scene).

niste repetitii de HELL-O-WEEN!


Duminica 31.octombrie 2010

repetitii cu prietenii:

REALICIDE - industrial hardcore punk din USA


horror visuals by 32 seconds

la atelier diy, ora 21.00

LA FIESTA D.I.Y.! #1, [1 sept 2010]

MIERCURI, 1 septembrie 2010, ora 22.00, Atelier DIY.




ZxUxA, Austria

PAVILIONUL 32, Timisoara.

+ videos by 32tv

1 sept

The Lines We Cross

"Every end is also a beginning. After "Final Round Crew" in autumn '07, Florus (guitar) got the idea to found a new band. Based on contacts and local connections, the lineup was completed very easily and fast. Cörni (2nd guitar), Alex (bass) and Ulle (drums) joined the party. But it wasn't easy to find somebody for the vocals. After a certain time Christian joined, to do this job. It's really hard to explain the style of our music, due to several impressions and influences, which everyone of us brought to TLWC. The whole music is a mixture of oldschool, side-to-side parts, mosh and 2step-beats. Since july 09 Johannes plays the drum set, because Ulle has left the band. We are happy to have found G.M. for playing the guitar since april 10, because Florus also decided to leave the band. The majority of the band members are straight edge and vegetarians. That is why tolerance, unity, friendship and also a lot of fun are very important facts of this band. Everybody is allowed to share those things or feelings with us at our shows. Have fun."

“At the beginning the sound was a little bit heavy with moshparts and breakdowns. I think it sounds like typical metal-core. But after only three/four month we developed in a melodic/old-school direction. We try to work with booth guitars (rhythm and lead guitar, melodic-parts and mid-tempos) but we also have some mosh parts too. Its not easy to describe it. We try to find our own style, we didn't want to copie other bands and there sound. Perhaps its a mixture from really great and fantastic bands like Champion, Comeback Kid and Terror.”


For us ZxUxA is the opposite to all this rockstar-shit-bands: we make this music because we love it, because we have something to say about this fucked up world and that not just to a well defined scene but to all people who are ready to open their minds and last but not least because it is a lot of fun with you all!! and because we are spineless slaves of the crusty-imperium…

Cannibal System

Cannibal System has been formed in summer 2005. The Line up was Doppler-drums, Max-guitar, Niki-bass and Seppl-vocals. After one year of practise and several gigs in and around Vienna, Max and Doppler quit the band because of other musical interests and other projects. Niki and Seppl didn..t want the band to die, and in the end of summer 2006 our good friends Martin-guitar and Flitzi-drums joined the band. At the beginning of 2008, finally G-Petto joined in for the 2nd guitar. We went to a studio and recorded some songs..........last, but not least: we would like to play in your town, so dare to ask us for gigs!

MONDAY THE 13th! [13 sept 2010]

LUNI, 13 Septembrie 2010, ora 21.00, Atelier DIY!

THE ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN, cabaret animal grind - Hamburg, Germania.

GOVERNMENT FLU, oldschool 80's hardcore punk - Polonia

CALM THE FIRE, cursed hellish metal hardcore - Polonia

PAVILIONUL 32, local host doing the uh-la-la-la fastcore punk.

13 sept

The Attack of the Mad Axeman

...after the mad axeman destroyed the forest some animals decided to get back in charge of their destiny. There was only one way to show their extreme anger about what had happened: playing harsh and ruthless grindcore.  So they left their homes to destroy your ears but also to make you sensible for animal problems.

Animal grind is an attempt of deconstructing boundaries: not only between humans and animals - also within the animals themselves: a snail on drums, a bee on bass, a growling turtle on vocals and a squirrel and a night owl sharing the dirty work on guitars.

Animals with very different backgrounds you may think, but they found a way of working together. and they want you to join the squad - no matter if you have two, four, six, eight or a thousand legs. Punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals: these are the weapons fighting ignorance, injustice and.. the mad axeman.

FAST! FEAST! FIESTA! #2 [17-18 sept 2010]

VINERI si SAMBATA, 17-18 septembrie 2010, ora 21:00, la Atelier DIY.

Fast Fiesta

VINERI/FRIDAY, hiphopin' with:

MC HOMELESS din Ohio, America

PT BURNEM din Illinois, America

MR. SIID din Salonta, Romania

S'MORT din Timisoara.

SAMBATA/SATURDAY, we're gettin' faster..:

ALPINIST din Munster, Germania

SHOYUSQUAD din Bielefeld, Germania

PAVILIONUL 32 din Timisoara

MEDIOCRACY din Bucuresti

STUCK IN A RUT din Cluj-Napoca

ROCK ZA BOAT 2! 18.08.2010

miercuri, 18. august 2010, repeteala cu niste prieteni la Atelier D.I.Y.

DETERMINATION - din Viena, Austria

CARLOS DUNGA - din Firenze, Italia

PAVILIONUL 32 - de prin zona

NIDO DI VESPE - din Lucca, Italia


MaximumRocknRoll Fanzine says about them:

Energetic and fast, yet nihilistic and drunken hardcore punk from ....Austria... that is oddly full of posicore-like chorus shouts. Listening to this band live, I bet punks are confused as to wether they should join the mosh pit and sing
along with pointed fingers oe if they should go out into the alley and drink until blurry nausea overtakes them. Doing a bit of both, I suppose, is the solution. I would say the sound on this group's third EP falls somewhere between Poison Idea and Y2K-core. Sort of a strange mixture, for me anyway, but it seems to work. I dig this record, but I think this would be even better with less of the shouted choruses, but that's just subjective bias put forth for the few out there who hold a similar view. The singer's intense voice and the fantastic guitar and drum work make this worthy of your attention either, so check it out. ....

Felix Havoc / Havoc Recs says about them:

I saw this band open for Nine Shocks Terror in ....Austria.... and I've been into them ever since. A great mix of early 80's Dischord style hardcore with late 80's
youth crew. A cool and overlooked band. ....


Bands bio’s sucks. We are just 4 friend(in the world) that play together to get out of all the shit of our town and the system that surrounds us. We have about 666thousands other musical projects keeping us busy(but we're totally into bricolage stuff). Our songs talk about the love for football and foosball; the hate for myspace abuse, fake Punks, emos and modern technology stuff(and hate for the new trussardi sunglasses summer collection). We support DIY and if you want us to play somewhere, we're always available for shows!




CLITGORE, cluj napoca romantic grindcore



VINERI, 27 AUGUST 2010, ora 21, la Atelier DIY

CLITGORE (Romania) - grindcore

The band was founded in 2007 by Ela, bassist in Romanian brutal death metal act, Necrovile.
The songs have a good brutal guitar & bass sound, perfect combination with guttural voice & fast drums blastbeat.
Since Octomber 2009, Clitgore played a lot of shows, in countries like Austria, Germany, Hungary & Romania. Now the band is recording the first full lenght album.
In 28.08.2010 Clitgore are confirmed to play @ Fekal Party XII w / Extreme Noise Terror, Mucupurulent, Mumakil, Gride & more.

Band members: Radu - vox, Ela -bass, Calin - guitars, Alin - drums.

Seara de film: Joi 8 Iulie 2010

Joi, 8 Iulie, ora 20.00, la Atelier D.I.Y.!

The Soviet Story (2008), de Edvins Snore.

Este povestea unei puteri dintre Aliati (al doilea razboi mondial) ce i-au ajutat pe nazisti sa provoace holocaustul si care si-a macelarit propriul popor la o scara industriala. Astistat de puterile din Vest, aceasta a triumfat in 9 mai 1945.  Crimele acestei puteri au fost ascunse, si povestea celui mai criminal regim din Europa nu a fost spusa. Pana acum...


INDEPENDENT VOICES fest no.7! [vineri, 9 iulie 2010]



ora 21:00,  Atelier D.I.Y., Timisoara

Playlistul de anul acesta:

NAVTILVS - din Austria

NO GUTS NO GLORY - din Franta

FROM THIS DAY ON - din Germania

NEW DEAD PROJECT - din Ungaria

SEMMI KOMOLY - din Ungaria

KILL FOR PEACE - din Franta


Foarte Scurt Istoric

Initiat in 2004 in Timisoara, festivalul Independent Voices a adus de-a lungul anilor, in scena undeground, trupe renumite din diferite tari si continente ale lumii. Trupe ca Extreme Noise Terror, Vitamin X, Aktivna Propaganda, Have Heart, Ship Wreck, Kingdom, Rise and Fall, Insolentes, Determination, Dead Vows, Subscribe, Barackca,... si asta pentru a enumera doar cateva dintre ele!

repetitii cu brazilieni [03 iulie 2010]

Sambata 03 iulie 2010, ora 22:00

KORROZAO - din Sao Paolo, Brazilia

la Atelier D.I.Y.

FUTURE RUINS + formatie locala surpriza!

MIERCURI 23 iunie 2010

FUTURE RUINS din Goteborg, Suedia.. vor "repeta" alaturi de o formatie locala surpriza! in acelasi loc, la aceiasi ora.

Atelier diy, ora 22.

"Aproape la 6 ani dupa infiintarea trupei Massmord, am pierdut inca un membru. Decizia lui Berra sa plece a fost bineinteles una grea dar am simtit ca e lucrul care trebuia sa-l faca la momentul respectiv, din moment ce am vrut sa mergem in mai multe turnee si sa ducem formatia la un alt nivel. Si acol' ne aflam. Fara bassist si neodihniti. Am inceput sa vorbim in vederea gasirii unui nou bassist si foarte curand am decis sa continuam cu un vechi prieten al trupei, Maria. O data ce am avut din nou un line-up complet, am ramas la doar 3 membri fondatori si am inceput sa discutam despre schimbare numele trupei. Un nou inceput. Zis si facut. Dupa cateva grele contemplari, am cazut de-acord asupra numelui care s-ar potrivi cel mai bine cu muzica si stilul nostru, mai mult decat Massmord.. Acum, renascuti ca FUTURE RUINS, suntem gata sa continuam ceea ce Massmord a inceput!"

Andreas: Chitara
Maria: Chitara Bass
Martin: Chitara
Olof: Tobe
Sonny: Vocalu'

Mai multe detalii pe:

RUSH'N ATTACK! [concert in daos]


concert cu:


RUSH'N ATTACK din Olanda


ora 20.30, la club DAOS.

str. Nicolae Titulescu nr.5

SHADES OF GREY, PAVILIONUL 32, MELETE [repetitii la atelier]

Sambata, 29 mai 2010, ora 22.

SHADES OF GREY - dbeat/crust/punk din suedia

PAVILIONUL 32 - fast hardcore din timisoara

MELETE - hardcore/emoviolence din slovenia



VINERI, 4 iunie 2010

SHOW ROCK N ROLL INCENDIAR cu omul care a batut Guiness World Records cantand 32 de ore non-stop rock'n'roll.


mai multe informatii despre artist pe:

ora 22, la Atelier D.I.Y.

O scurta biografie.

Alex Carlin concerteaza in Europa inca din anul 2000, cantand singur dar si cu alte formatii. Trupa lui RUT HOST a cantat in mai multe tari, de la Olanda la Romania - cu formatii ca Motorhead si Tankcsapda, Disciplin A Kitchma la The Castle in Banja Luka, Bosnia. In momentul de fata, pe langa faptul care cel putin 100 de concerte pe an, el canta cu The Henchmen, si de asemenea cu extraordinarul baterist Atma Anur. In State a fost membru Psycotic Pineapple, The Rubinoos si The Malakas.

Underground Timisoara Festival WARM-UP!!!

JOI, 20 mai 2010

FROM THE DEPTHS - hardcore/punk usa

PAVILIONUL 32 - fast'n'rolla temeswar

NEOPIT PILSKI - post punk/experimental germania

1984 vs YANN IS THE BASTARD - experimental/techno/grindcore franta

ora 22, la Atelier DIY.

un eveniment Gluga Neagra.

[JOI - 10 IUNIE - SEARA DE FILM] "The Take" (2004)

Joi, 10 iunie 2010, ora 20.00

SEARA DE FILM la Atelier diy

"The Take", 2004, de Avi Lewis si Naomi Kelin

intrare: pret liber

In suburbiile din Buenos Aires, 20 de someri ocupa frabica lor aflata in stare de repaus si refuza sa plece, ramanand chiar si peste noapte.  Tot ceea ce vor ei ii sa reporneasca silentioasele masinarii. Dar acest simplu act - ocuparea - are puterea de a transforma dezbateriile globalizarii impotriva ei. Armati cu prastii si cu o credinta in scopul lor, muncitorii fac fata impotriva sefilor, bancherilor si a intregului sistem care vad intreaga fabrica nu mai mult ca pe un fier vechi gata de vanzare. Cu aceasta ocupare, regizorul Avi Lewis, unul dintre cei mai renumiti jurnalisti din Canada, si scriitorul Naomi Klein, autorul bestseller-ului No Logo, dau nastere celui mai renumit manifest economic radical din secolul al 21-lea.

[SEARA DE FILM] "American Hardcore" Joi, 6 mai.

"AMERICAN HARDCORE", Joi (6 mai 2010) la

ora 20.00, intrare: pret liber.



RECLAIM Underground Timisoara Festival nr. 13!

Reclaim your culture! Reclaim your city! Reclaim your life!

21 – 22 Mai 2010 / Timisoara, Romania

Club Setup, str Pestalozzi nr 22

INTRARE: 20 ron / seara, 30 pentru ambele seri (abonament).

+ PRIMII 13 platitori din fiecare seara platesc doar 15 ron.

Primul si cel mai longeviv festival underground din Romania, Underground Timisoara Festival, revine cu editia a XIII-a in perioada 21-22 mai 2010 Club Setup.., Timisoara.

Incepand cu 2009 organizatorii, Miscarea Underground Timisoara si Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society, propun un nou format: RECLAIM! – Reclaim your culture! Reclaim your city! Reclaim your life!

Acest  format confirma statutul castigat de UNDERGROUND ca fiind unul dintre cele mai importante evenimente de acest gen in Europa Centrala si de Est, dovada sta larga participare internationala; anul acesta vor canta formatii din Germania, Franta, Italia, Serbia si Romania.

In ceea ce priveste stilurile, UNDERGROUND va propune o paleta larga de genuri . Se va putea asculta live: electro-punk, experimental, noise, post punk, industrial, wave pentru a enumera doar cateva dintre ele.

Va asteptam si anul acesta Timisoara.. pentru a degusta evenimentul cu numarul (norocos) 13 marca UNDERGROUND.

Miscarea Underground Timisoara, Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society

si Asociatia Do It Yourself



si varianta mai scurta


Vineri – 21.05.2010 / cu incepere de la ora: 21.00

NONLINEAR (Italia) –


YANN IS THE BASTARD / 1984 (Franta) –




Sambata – 22.05.2010 / cu incepere de la ora: 21.00

VADOT (Germania) -

MONNOCLE (Franta) -

ZOSCH! (Germania) -



VADUVA BOB (Romania) -

SEMIOSIS (Romania ) -


UGTM 2010 – Support Events

Evenimente de promovare UGTM13

9 aprilie: Bistrita, Amantes Café

- support event UGTM 13,

al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator BHCB

13 aprilie: Craiova, Café-teatru Play

- concert Head Of The Taurus (ger), Semiosis (ro),

al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator Relish Booking, Asiluum Rec

13 aprilie – 13 mai: Timisoara

- promotie Kool Kat Shop (al 13lea client - fizic sau via internet) primeste 2 invitatii UGTM..13); organizator Kool Kat, Trei Ceasuri Rele Booking

5 mai: Timisoara, Scartz

- concert 202.Project (franta);

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator Gluga Neagra, Asociatia DIY, MUT

8 mai: Timisoara, Manufactura

- concert Dekadens (ro), the Bad Days Will End (ro)

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator M.U.T.

12 mai: Timisoara, Setup

- concert warm up Ugtm13: The Toasters(usa), Haos(ro)

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator Kool Kat Shop, Trei Ceasuri  Rele, Asociatia DIY, Gluga Neagra

13 mai: Cluj, Umbra de Noapte Café

- support event UGTM 13

plus al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator TBA Crew, BHCB

13 mai: Bucuresti, Fire Club

- support event UGTM 13

plus al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator Anopsia Booking

20 mai: Timisoara, Atelier DIY,

- concert From The Depths (usa), Yann Is The Bastard (franta)

organizator Gluga Neagra, Asociatia DIY

Seara de film [Bastards of Utopia]

La Atelier D.I.Y., JOI 22 aprilie - ora 20.00, Intrare: Pret liber.

202 PROJECT - 4 mai 2010, la Scârț

"Blues, electronica love under the bomb...or..the sea, waves and an hurrican far away"

202 project - one man band from France

4 mai 2010, la Scartz (str. Zoe nr 1, langa parcul Doina)

ora 20.00, intrare: 5 ron.


202project is the one man band of JP ( jhon Player) since 1996. He was one of those kids who starts a band without ever having touched an instrument.. . ..he quikly started bands and projects, playing the guitar,sing,poetry but also keyboard, sampling, and technical flips ...with 202project,he developed his own language mixing blues, electronic,noise and experimentations in every directions but at the same time went in the same way. a wall of sound and love. The first 202project LP was out on Tool Box records in 2003, In 2005 he joined the tean
briefcaserockers (L.A.) then he leave them in 2008... at this time JP 202 has produced more than 280 songs including solo records, bands and collabs .. he allready share the stage with: Mc Lusky, Red,Liars,Neptunes, Aids wolfs,DJ Vadim, Labwaste, Subtitle, Juan Huevos, Icarius Line, The willows,SHit,Parrabellum,Sleepy times Gorilla museum..etc... he did 5 tours in europe, booking and driving his little van..he will did more, he olso build his secret lab..he is the Batman of this game and he fight the vilains and share music and love all around the world..

UGTM 2010 – Support Events

Evenimente de promovare UGTM13

9 aprilie: Bistrita, Amantes Café

- support event UGTM 13,

al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator BHCB

13 aprilie: Craiova, Café-teatru Play

- concert Head Of The Taurus (ger), Semiosis (ro),

al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator Relish Booking, Asiluum Rec

13 aprilie – 13 mai: Timisoara

- promotie Kool Kat Shop (al 13lea client - fizic sau via internet) primeste 2 invitatii UGTM..13); organizator Kool Kat, Trei Ceasuri Rele Booking

4 mai: Timisoara, Scartz

- concert 202.Project (franta);

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator Gluga Neagra, Asociatia DIY, MUT

8 mai: Timisoara, Manufactura

- concert Dekadens (ro), the Bad Days Will End (ro)

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator M.U.T.

11 mai: Bucuresti, Fire Club

- support event UGTM 13

plus al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator Anopsia Booking

12 mai: Timisoara, Setup

- concert warm up Ugtm13: The Toasters(usa), Haos(ro)

al 13lea client primeste 1 invitatie la fest; organizator Kool Kat Shop, Trei Ceasuri  Rele, Asociatia DIY, Gluga Neagra

13 mai: Cluj, La Tevi Pub

- support event UGTM 13

plus al 13lea client primeste 2 invitatii la fest; organizator TBA Crew, BHCB

20 mai: Timisoara, Atelier DIY,

- concert From The Depths (usa), Yann Is The Bastard (franta), Pavilionul32

organizator Gluga Neagra, Asociatia DIY